Baby Steps

I started playing around with this blog thing over a year ago but never really got the hang of it. After all if no one knows it’s here, I’m basically blogging for an audience of one…me.

I blogged last year about my desire to write. I wasn’t sure how serious I really was about the whole time consuming idea but here I am, over a year later and I still write almost every day. In fact, I kept tinkering with that first project, IN MY WILDEST DREAMS. I sent it out to a publisher or two, got a nice “no thank you” or two. I entered it in a contest which I didn’t win but did get some fantastic feedback from some very talented authors. I used that feedback to make a few changes and decided to send it out again.

This time I sent it to Soul Mate Publishing and senior editor Debby Gilbert liked it enough to ask for more. Long story short, I have signed a contract with Soul Mate and I am finally on my way to publication.

Each step is still a baby step for me since I’m brand new to all this but I’m still standing.

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