What Influences Your Dreams?

The Southern Magic Readers Luncheon is coming up in less than two weeks. November 2nd to be exact. I will be hosting a table that day and I’ve started to put thought into the basket I will contribute to the giveaways and prizes being offered (notice, Heather Leonard, that I did not use the “R” word).

The focus and theme for my basket will center around my first book, In My Wildest Dreams. Dreams. I’ve secured the basket itself and purchased some of the items to begin filling it. My idea is to prepare the winner/reader for an evening of relaxing reading and my question is, what helps you relax with a good book? A mug filled with a warm, soothing beverage? A chilled drink in a stemmed glass? A bath? Shower? A snuggly throw and some dark chocolates?

Give me some ideas for filling this basket!

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