Christmas Blessings by Larynn Ford


All I Want For Christmas Is A Soul Mate from Soul Mate Publishing has twenty short stories of romance centered around the Christmas season. My contribution, Christmas Blessings, is a story of a couple who finds their way back to each other from an impossible situation. Here’s an excerpt:

Time passed and was said to heal all wounds. Healing doesn’t mean forgetting.

Her memories of Levin were sealed in her heart. Tall with strong, loving arms that held her and promised a lifetime of protection. Dark hair swept across his forehead, framing his deep brown eyes. His touch. His smell. His voice-


She jerked to the right, then to the left as the melodic chant danced from a different direction each time. Soft and beckoning, it called her name in a singsong fashion.



I enjoyed the journey these two characters took. Click the book cover to get your copy and see where their path took them.

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