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The story of my life! A day late and a dollar short, or in this case a day late for Thursday Threads. My apologies, but I’m sure you’ll forgive my tardiness when you read the excerpts below.

Here is C.T. Green’s The S.E.R.A. Files. Enjoy!!!

The S.E.R.A Files

The S.E.R.A. Files Volume I by C.T. Green

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Heat Level: Scorching

This is a collection of short stories featuring the men and women of the Supernatural

Entity Recovery Agency.


Angels are trouble. But a Fairy Godmother is The Law.

Callie Burns works for SERA, the Supernatural Entity Recovery Agency, aka the

Scary Fairies. As a Fairy Godmother, it’s Callie’s job to grant wishes and deport

supernatural creatures back to their plane of existence. Now she’s got an angel in her

sights… Gabriel’s a gorgeous, sexy distraction to Callie doing her duty. But she has a

reputation to maintain and no smoking hot angel is going to mess that up. Gabriel is

determined he’s not going anywhere and he’ll try everything he can to convince Callie

he belongs on Earth. But she’s equally determined to get the job done before the angel

kills everything in sight – even if that means fulfilling Gabriel’s deepest fantasy.


Vampires go for the throat. But a Fairy Godmother aims lower…

Elizabeth and Mercury both work for SERA, the Supernatural Entity Recovery

Agency. Despite the fact Elizabeth’s a Fairy Godmother and Mercury’s a vampire,

they make a deadly duo when it comes to deporting supernatural beings. But Mercury

and Elizabeth’s perfect partnership changes the night a wish is granted.

Now Elizabeth can’t think of Mercury without remembering how sexy the vampire

is under his cool demeanour and designer clothes. And Mercury can’t forget the taste

of Elizabeth’s blood nor the desire to have her in every other way as well. Can their

partnership survive and will they find a way to grant their very own wishes?


A lone wolf is about to find out old dogs can learn new tricks.

Navarre is a werewolf and the Director of SERA. It’s his job to oversee the agents

who deport supernatural beings from Earth. He loves his work and his vaunted

reputation for remaining calm under pressure. But all that is about to change. Tor

is also a werewolf and SERA’s newest agent. He’s out to catch not only the bad

guy, but his elusive boss as well. It’s love at first sight for Tor, but Navarre doesn’t

seem willing to take another chance on a relationship. When a mission goes bad and

suddenly it’s Tor’s life on the line, Navarre must overcome his fears if he’s going to

experience true love before it’s too late.


Two’s company, will three prove too much of a crowd?

Absinthe is a Fairy Godmother with SERA and Bryce is her irresistible

partner. Absinthe is all about getting to know Bryce away from the job, but he comes

with one big problem. His best friend Grey is a werewolf and Absinthe does not do

wolves. Bryce is in love with Absinthe. Problem is, he’s also in love with Grey. It will

take something extraordinary to bring Grey and Absinthe together. Tracking a cold-
blooded killer may just be the start of a beautiful romance. Will Bryce’s stubborn

wolf and prejudiced fairy overcome their differences enough to not only stay alive,

but also form a bond strong enough to last a lifetime?


A good SERA agent knows there’s only one Sin that matters.

As an agent and ‘evaluator’ for SERA, Jane is sent in to re-educate their only

male Fairy Godmother before he does something even the Scary Fairies can’t ignore.

Sin’s sick of being the brunt of jokes and the latest pin-up after a nude picture

scandal. He’s also indecently fascinated with his new ‘minder’, Jane. When a wish

shows Sin a very different side to Jane, he’s desperate to find out more. On the hunt

for a supernatural with a dangerous new toy and evil plans, Jane and Sin find out

how well they work as a team. But can he get the prim and proper agent to loosen up

enough to love a naughty fairy while she tries her very best to reform Sin?

Recovering Gabriel

…Time to do her job and get this guy home where he belonged. In fact, that’s what

Callie’s work entailed. Helping Gabriel get back to Heaven. Literally. The last

thing anyone needed were fallen angels tromping about on Earth, causing havoc in

women’s underwear…

He’d been wracking his brains for six months while waiting for her to approach him.

Every time he thought she was about to pin him down, she’d shy away. It’d gotten

to the point he’d nearly blown his cool, stormed right up to her, and announced his

Today she’d caught him by surprise, cornering him in the alley, all sass and starch,

taking the big, bad angel down. So damn sexy.

Handling Mercury

“Enough is enough, vampire.” Elizabeth glared up at him, but he just stared back

with those deep silver eyes of his glimmering from between thick black lashes.

“I’m sick of your overweening desire to be a hero all the time.” She gave him the

hairy eyeball for a moment longer, but Mercury remained silent. And apparently

…Mercury backed away, snatching up his clothes. He didn’t even bother to throw

them on before he bolted into the darkness and away from his partner.

Because he knew that one taste of Elizabeth hadn’t been enough to satisfy him. It was

never going to be enough.

Tor Whitfield stood in the shadowed alley, upwind of the Thai restaurant and the wolf

having dinner al fresco. Alone.

He rubbed his shoulder where Navarre’s bite still tingled. Oh yeah, he’d gotten his

wish all right. Just like Absinthe had promised…

“There’s nothing wrong with you. I simply don’t feel the need to stare at you

constantly.” Navarre chose to meet the dark eyes instead of gawking at the snug T-
shirt and jeans outlining far too much tempting acreage.

Dieu, may I not get struck down for that blatant lie.

Absinthe sucked on an ice cube and ignored the squiggly feeling in her stomach. It

reminded her an awful lot of jealousy and she simply didn’t care what Bryce did. Not

one bit. There was no room in her life for a big, gorgeous, muscular, pain in the ass.

“So beautiful.” Unable to resist the soft pink fullness of her lips, he leant over

intending to sample them. Just once.

The gun muzzle against his head came as a bit of a surprise. “Okay, I’m going to sit

up now. Would really appreciate it if you didn’t blow my brains out.”

“Believe me, I doubt anyone would notice.”

“Nothing to forgive. I understand.” Grey rubbed a thumb down her cheek, mildly

surprised she let him. A lot more surprised when she turned her face into his palm and

planted a kiss there.

“Thank you for saving my life.” Her words tickled his sensitive skin and caused his

body to react the way it always did around her…

Those sky-high heels are not sexy. Especially when one’s tapping like a bloody drum.

Sin ground his teeth and ignored Miss Jane Pilkins, his SERA evaluator. He focussed

on the grinning demon in front of him instead…

Who was he kidding? The heels were damn hot. So were those cute glasses Miss

Pilkins kept peering at him so disapprovingly over.

It was just her imagination that she was the focus of all eyes because she was doing an

illicit printout of a naked SERA agent. Well, Sin had been mostly naked.

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