Dreams Do Come True

Larynn Ford

Released September 23!! Read an excerpt below.


The Bradys chatted, sipping their morning coffee at the kitchen table. When we breezed into the living room, neither blinked an eye at our unusual entrance. But then again, it wasn’t so unusual to them. Layne’s human parents had been aware of his dual life for much longer than I.

Mrs. Brady met us in the kitchen door. “Son, it’s good to see you. And, Lynzi, honey, we’re so glad you decided to come along.” She was busy with her own brand of multi- tasking. After hugging the two of us, she hurried back to retrieve coffee mugs for us and to tend to some other cooking she had going on the stove.

“Y’all come on in and have a seat, son. Lynzi gal, it is good to see you again. Mama just made a batch of fried apple pies here. Y’all help…

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