Rocket City Wrapup

Got back late last night from Huntsville. Rocket City Lit Fest was this weekend, and it was fun — and tiring.

Let me take a moment to plug the latest works by these three ladies, who were some of the many authors in Huntsville this weekend:

  • Ingrid Seymour’s young adult novel IgNiTe the Shadows follows a teen hacker’s adventure into the unknown.
  • Meda White’s 4th Southland Romance story, Fool With My Heart is out now, featuring romance and danger at a south Georgia ranch.
  • Nancee Cain’s Saving Evangeline offers a romantic look at a guardian angel.

The Rocket City Lit Fest was an opportunity to see some friends and meet some authors for the first time. That’s the good. The bad was that it’s a lot of work. It really is. Oh, sure, it’s rewarding work, but it’s still work. Oh, and my weekend’s not really over. I still have to put everything away. And wash laundry. And …

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