As writers, ideas for new storylines pop up everywhere. I have a list with various sparks of my imagination. I ran across a name once that automatically screamed vampire to me and a scene developed in my mind. Now, I’ve never written a vampire story but one on these days that name, that scene will expand further and will be written. Book? Short story? Novella? Unknown at this point.

Other ideas on my list? One came from the fish in my aquarium, another from a single honey bee buzzing around the wiper on my windshield, and one when I spotted two men fencing a pasture. Song lyrics inspire me as well. Some of my already published books developed from my music. A few words make a scene, you throw in a couple of what if’s and before you know it you’re on a roll.

My radio is my alarm clock. The first song this morning was a sad man with regrets about a lost love. His observation was we all want something we don’t have. In his case, someone he had but lost and his desire to have her in his life again. Will his methods be honorable? Who will he hurt to get what he wants? Abundant twists and turns present themselves for sure.

Do you have a list of stories waiting to be written?

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