Thursday’s Tasty Temptations

In My Wildest Dreams

InMyWildestDreams_850I love food! Maybe that’s why my characters love food. How much do they love food you ask? That’s what we’re here to determine. How many food references are there in this book?

Chapter fourteen starts Lynzi and Layne’s day with breakfast:

He picked up the tray from the table outside and eased into bed. The coffee was perfect as usual, rich, and aromatic. A breakfast casserole loaded with cheese, sausage, and vegetables, along with a bowl of sweet, fresh strawberries, sliced and covered with cream. We ate and talked about the events of yesterday. Layne wanted every detail I saw and heard while I was in the cave but even after I had told him everything I remembered, I wasn’t sure how the information might be helpful. The cave was dark and my captors weren’t talkative about their plans.Breakfast casserole



















Let’s not forget the coffee! Does this breakfast make you hungry?







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